Krause Springs

So I’m still working up the motivation, courage, and general wherewithal to start writing in this blog. I think about writing in it fairly frequently, but the actual sitting down and typing something up, like, for real? Not so much.

One big thing that is seemingly holding me back is the photos. Oh, and also, the writing. Oh, and the blogging in general. All of those things = major hurdles. No, but seriously, the photos. The camera that I would have likely used to take photos for this blog broke on an elephant trekking expedition in Thailand, and honestly that camera was fairly crappy anyway so I’m not really sure how well it would’ve worked out. But, now I’m without any camera and all I’m left with is an old Iphone with a busted screen. Frankly, it’s just not cutting the mustard.

Case in point, I went to Krause Springs the other day with full intentions of taking loads of photos and writing up a super awesome, funny, cool post about all the crazy hi-jinks I got up to while I was there (swimming and reading Anna Karenina on my Kindle, mostly — Crazy!) Buuuttt, when I looked at the crappy photos my crappy Iphone captured, I lost all enthusiasm and fell into something similar to a very moderate and easily manageable form of depression.

Here, look at these crappy photos and tell me they aren’t crappy. I dare ya. Image

This is the main swimming area at Krause Springs (which is just a 45-50 minute drive west of Austin). There is a cool little waterfall with a spooky black cave behind it, a bluff off of which you can jump into the water, and a sweet rope swing. All of that? Great. This photo? Horrible.



After swimming around a bit, Brian and I took a short walk down one of the side trails because we heard there was another cool waterfall down away from the main swimming area. The waterfall was a little lackluster, but these marshy pools were pretty alright by me.


When we came back to the swimming area, these kids were jumping off the rope swing. Now, in general, the photos from this trip suck, but I kind of love this photo a little bit. That kid looks amazing.


And, looking back towards where we went on our small hike you can see the spectators watching brave people jump from the cliffs while they (the spectators) sit in the comfort of their inner tubes and pound their beers. Stay classy, guy at the center of the shot.

So, yeah. The photos are lame but Krause Springs was pretty cool. If ever you’re headed out to Hamilton Pool and can’t get in because of the line, I definitely recommend driving up the road for about 15 more minutes to swim it up over here.