My Bathroom


Disclaimer: Yet again, the photos for this post are pretty bad. I wanted to wait for a sunny day to take them so I could have better light, but then I saw the forecast for this week, and decided to just jump in. Apologies

Screen shot 2013-07-15 at 10.22.07 AM

So, as some all of you may know (let’s be honest, my readership is comprised entirely of my friends and family; it’s cool) Brian and I have lived in our apartment in Austin for almost two years now. Over the course of that time, I’ve worked my way through each living space updating the furniture/art/layout in an attempt to arrive at a modicum of aesthetic merit so I can live without the horror of slightly irksome ugliness hanging over me all the livelong day. You think I’m joking right now, but oh no no no, I am not.


I am totally the sort of person who fixates on that one tiny ugly/flawed detail until it eats away at my mind and I go crazy straightening picture frames, coordinating coffee cups, color-coding my bookshelves, or just poking as many of those stick-on flowers (see above) as I can reach every day in a futile attempt to get them to re-stick themselves to the wall. It’s a problem. (P.S. It is totally annoying me that the arrow that is supposed to be pointing to my burnt out buld is instead pointing to the vacant space just right of said bulb. Geez.)

This is not to say (in any way) though, that I live in a perfectly pristine, beautiful, and flawless home. My apartment is chock full of things that annoy the pants off me on a day to day basis. Are my throw pillows too matchy matchy? Are my faux Eames shell chairs trite and trendy? Should I destroy all sentimental knickknacks/tchotchkes and live in a perfectly white cube with just a tatami mat and artfully placed vessels of water scattered throughout? Designing a space is hard. Like, first world hard.

So, anyway, what all this poppin’ off is leading up to is… my bathroom. It is the one room in the house that I haven’t touched practically at all since moving here two years ago. This is partly due to the fact that our bathroom is tiny, so there’s really not a lot of opportunity for molding it into an interior design pièce de résistance. Additionally, most of the things present in the bathroom are beyond my control — as a renter, I can’t retile, or install new fixtures, or alter the flow of the space so it has a smidgen of utility.


Basically, I have to work with what I’ve already got, which, if I’m being fair, isn’t half bad. I’m a fan of the nod to the house’s architectural origins with the vintage-esque tile work and sink, I like that there’s at least some storage available, and random components (like the old furnace directly in front of the toilet, for instance) keep things a little zany/zesty in there — which isn’t something most bathrooms can claim, am I right? (My bathroom is way zestier than yours.)

PicMonkey Collage

It does have its demerits, though. Most of that storage space I just mentioned? Really a-functional. The hybrid bathroom/hallway layout? Totally cramped. The design elements that I consciously chose to purchase several years ago and then placed in that bathroom when we moved here? Not really my style any more. It needs a revamp, on a budget, and with the knowledge that it will basically be almost exactly the same when it’s done, as the space is so inflexible. While the arabesque shower curtain isn’t ugly per se, and the floral bathmat looks cute directly out of the wash, and the muted mint towels don’t necessarily detract from the space, I’m just not feeling it any more. Here’s a quick collage I put together (my first blog collage! Major milestone!) with some ideas:


  1. Ikea’s new Tvingen shower curtain. So cute! But also simple, bold, modern design. Good.
  2. Mur “small fry drops” wall decals. So, apparently the Ikea shower curtain was designed for “families with children,” and these decals are clearly marketed with a child’s room in mind, and…
  3. Land of Nod’s rain cloud bathmat = also for babies. What the heck? Can’t a gal plan an overly themed bathroom without ruining her grown-up cred? I guess not.
  4. Black toilet seat, for a little more vintage flare. Plus, the toilet seat currently installed is totally janky.

Additionally, I want to change out the mint towels for charcoal gray ones, which luckily we already own, and then add some color with bright accessories and hand towels. Kind of like this (though clearly my bathroom will never be that cool):

photo source unknown

So, what do you think? Will it be the awesome, modern yet playful bathroom of my dreams, or will it become a land where only children will happily frolic? Are any of you planning small revamps for spaces in your own homes?

P.S. I’m still trying to work out the kinks in my blog’s layout and design. It’s clearly horrifying right now, but I apparently lack the know-how needed to make it sweet. Maybe sometime soon it will look slightly cool, but until then enjoy lovely dashed lines, whimsical serif font, and bright blue links.