OK, srsly.

I want to write in this blog. I think I would be good at it, I think it would be fun, I think people would like it, and I think I need some practice writing regularly again. Let’s go!

So, plans. At first I thought this blog would be a hodge-podge of stuff I find interesting that maybe you, potential (and currently nonexistent) reader, would find interesting too. Over the course of the past two years though, I’ve become quite the blog-reading connoisseur and for me, personally, I tend to enjoy blogs that are more focused around one particular theme (whether it be home-improvement, cooking/baking, fashion, DIY-craftiness, whatever). This is problematic for me as a would-be-blogger, though, as there is no one dominant theme that I am A) super knowledgable about, B) ready to 100% commit to, or C) already actively focused on in my day to day life. Soooo… I think my nascent blog will begin as a carefully curated hodge-podge of stuff I’m interested in (in case you’re wondering, a carefully curated hodge-podge is wayyy different than just an ordinary hodge-podge).

Mostly, I think I’ll try to write about the following things:

A) small home-improvement/DIY design things. My current apartment is tiny and pretty much finished. If I were a smart person, I would have truly started this blog when I first moved to Austin and you all could have come along with me while I transformed my apartment into the super awesome space it is now (kidding-ish).  There are still some nagging unfinished and unpolished areas though, so perhaps I’ll blog about whipping them into shape.

B) Vegetarian cooking/baking. I don’t claim to be a food cooking wizard and I’m certainly no baking badass, but I think I’m fairly good at finding a recipe, deciding whether it sounds good, deciding whether it can be made vegetarian, tweaking the shit out of it, and then producing and eating the final results. Maybe you want to know how to do that, too? Don’t worry, I can show you!

C) DIY projects/cool ideasOn occasion (mostly rare occasions) I get crafty and make something cool. Sometimes I also get crafty and make something lame. Maybe if I started blogging about these occasions they would become more frequent and the cool to lame ratio of my craftiness would start to tip in my favor?!

D) Fun stuff to do in Austin. Austin already has some good blogs that document current happenings and city-related issues. I think I would approach this section, though, from the perspective of someone new-ish to Austin who still is looking for all of the good shit to do here. According to a recent study, ten jillion people are moving to Austin every year, and those jillions of people might like camaraderie in the form of a blogger who also recently moved here and is in the process of tapping into what makes Austin supposedly a million times better than anywhere else in the US.

So, there you have it. Blog plans [sort of] in the works.  I’ll be back (hopefully).